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The Eliminator
- Why you should know how to read bass clef and transpose on the horn.

The Horn Section
- Or "What does Associate Principal really mean?" A general description of common titles assigned to the various positions in an orchestral horn section.

Carl Geyer
carlgeyer.gif (51768 bytes)
- Chicago 4/9/63. Tom gets his new horn and meets its maker.

- An essay on horn vibrato, thoughts and techniques discussed.

Sea Dreams
- Organized by Thomas Bacon, a consortium of ten organizations commissioned "Sea Dreams" - a concerto for two horns and wind orchestra by David Maslanka. Music history was made when it was premiered live on the WWW by five of the groups at the same time!

Mark Schultz
- An award winning composer who has written many original and exciting compositions for horn, including Dragons in the Sky, Echoes primeval and T. Rex.

Horn Playing and Blood Pressure
- A medical article that follows a test case.

Chico Symphony Orchestra presents entertaining, intense performance.
- A net-review of a Bacon performance.

Flanders and Swann meet Mozart.
- "Has anyone seen my horn?" Words to the Rondo from Mozart's K.495a.

- ...just a little dog.


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