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maslanka.jpg (17337 bytes)Sea Dreams
David Maslanka

A Consortium Commission

Organized by Thomas Bacon, a consortium of ten schools commissioned "Sea Dreams" - a concerto for two horns and wind orchestra by David Maslanka. On April 7, 1998, music history was made when it was premiered live on the WWW by five of the groups (indicated by **) at the same time!

The following ten schools, at the instigation of the horn professor at each school, were involved in the project:

** Arizona State University -- (Thomas Bacon)
Florida State University -- (Michelle Stebleton)
Interlochen Arts Academy -- (Julie Schleif)
** Ithaca College -- (Bill Bernatis)
** University of Alabama -- (Skip Snead)
** University of Iowa -- (Kristin Thelander)
** University of Missouri at Kansas City -- (Nancy Cochran Block)
University of North Texas -- (William Scharnberg)
University of Oregon -- (Ellen Campbell)
Western Michigan University -- (Johnny Pherigo)

Go here to visit the Sea Dreams Web Site for more information and to listen to some of the archived performances from the premiere (audio and video available).

The music for "Sea Dreams" is published by Carl Fischer Music. For information on renting performance materials, contact:

Carl Fischer Music
62 Cooper Square
New York, NY 10003
phone: 212-777-0900
FAX: 212-477-4129

The instrumentation for "Sea Dreams" is:
    2 Solo Horns
    2 Flutes (1st dbl. Piccolo, 2nd dbl. Alto Flute)
    2 Oboes (2nd dbl. English Horn)
    3 Bb Clarinets
    2 Bb Bass Clarinets
    Eb Contrabass Clarinet
    2 Bassoons (2nd dbl. Contrabassoon)
    2 Eb Alto Saxophones
    2 C Trumpets (1st dbl. Piccolo Trumpet)
    Bass Trombone
    3 Double Basses
    6 Percussion -
        1. Vibraphone 1
        2. Vibraphone 2
        3. Marimba 1 (bass bow)
        4. Marimba 2 (bass bow)
            Tenor Drum
            Bass Drum
        5. Tam Tam
            3 Tom Toms (Sm.Med.Lg.)
            Snare Drum
            Crotales (bow) - shared with perc.6
            Small Suspended Cymbal
        6. Crotales - shared with perc. 5
            Large Suspended Cymbal
            Bass Drum
            Section of Railroad Track (or Anvil)

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