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he Golden Horn made its first performance at the Sarasota Music Festival in 1993 and has gone on to perform on concert series at festivals and universities all across the United States. In the summer of 1999, they delighted Japanese audiences in their first international tour. The Golden Horn consists of hornists Thomas Bacon and James Graber, who perform with piano and occasionally other instrumentalists or singers, combining standard horn repertoire with theater and interactive audience pieces, for a concert that is entertaining, enlightening, and educational.

The Golden Horn is a special evening of music, a delightful mixture of the traditional and the unexpected.

James Graber

Thomas Bacon

he Golden Horn can be presented as a special single event or as a part of a Thomas Bacon Residency with your orchestra or school.  How is it special?

The Golden Horn features classics like Beethoven or Mozart along with new music that depicts thundering dinosaurs or swings with a jazzy beat. Bacon's program notes are spoken, providing a more personal touch, and with Graber, narrative stories from the familiar Aesop's Fables (.au file, 344K, :44 ) to the theatrical Voices from Spoon River (.au file, 321K, :41) are added. The audience gets to play along too. Ellsworth Milburn's Toys in the Audience (.au file, 651K, 1:24) gets them involved with toy whistles, flutes and horns.

As part of the Thomas Bacon Residency it is the musical highpoint of a week of master classes, a children's concert and/or a solo with orchestra.

Audiences from Florida to California enthusiastically applaud The Golden Horn, a unique concert experience. 

See a sample program here.

See a program from Tokyo (July, 1999) here.

Read a review from a Golden Horn concert in Houston.

Booking info here.

"Voices from Spoon River"
The Golden Horn Plays the Music of Mark Schultz
More info here

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune said that in Mark Schultz' Voices from Spoon River:

"Bacon and Graber brought to life these long-dead Victorians, declaiming Masters' acerbic and touching poetry from memory while performing the complex score on that trickiest of instruments, the French horn. It was an exhilarating tour de force by these amazingly versatile artists."

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