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A Brief History of (French) Horn Evolution


In most countries our instrument is referred to without any nationalistic reference. It is:

horn pic     cor in France,
    corn in Romania
    corn ffrengig in Welsh,
    corno in Italy and Mexico,
    fa kuo how in Taiwan,
    Franse Horing in Afrikaans,
    hoorn or waldhoorn in The Netherlands,
    Horn or Waldhorn in Germany,
    käyrätorvi in Finland,
    Keren Yaar in Hebrew,
    Korno in Turkey,
    Kurnu in Malta,
    lesní roh in Czechoslovakia,
    lesný roh in Slovak,
    metsasarv in Estonia,
    trompa in Spanish and Portuguese,
    vadaszkürt in Hungary,
    valdhorn in Denmark,
    valthorn in Sweden,
    valtorn in Russia,
    valtorna in Lithuania
    waltornia in Poland,
    yuan how in Mandarin Chinese, and
    yuen ho in Hong Kong Chinese.

In English speaking countries it is called the French horn (and The International Horn Society wants to change that!*)
Certainly, the horn has some roots in French heritage, but not exclusively - as the next few pages will explain.

On to the Brief History of Horn Evolution

What is the (French) horn called in your country? If it isn't mentioned above, please send a message and tell us!

       *  "The International Horn Society recommends that "horn" be recognized as the correct name for our instrument in the English language."  [From the Minutes of the First General Meeting, June 15, 1971, Tallahassee, Florida, USA.]


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