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Summit Records:

Voices from
      Spoon River

The Golden Horn
plays the music of
Mark Schultz

"Voices from Spoon River"
"Singing Out of the Lips of Silence"
"I and my Annabel Lee"
"Beast Tales"
"T Rex"
"Rainbow Horned Dinosaur Anne"


Welcome to Hornplanet!

These are the different voices you hear welcoming you each time you load the main page of hornplanet.com.  Others will be added periodically.

Brice Andrus -- Principal Horn, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Thomas Bacon #1  #2  #3  
-- host of hornplanet.com and the Thomas Bacon HornPage
William Barnewitz -- Principal Horn, Milwaukee Symphony and Santa Fe Opera
Keith Berg -- Horn maker in British Columbia, Canada
William R. Brophy -- Professor of Horn (retired), Ohio University; author of "Technical Studies for the Horn"
William Caballero #1  #2  -- Principal horn, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Ellen Campbell #1  #2 -- Professor of horn, University of Oregon
Douglas Campbell #1  #2 -- Professor Emeritus of horn, Michigan State University, former summer faculty (for 25 years): Interlochen Center for the Arts;
Randall Faust #1  #2 -- composer and Professor of Horn at Western Illinois University; summer faculty: Interlochen Center for the Arts
Otohiko Fujita #1  #2(in Japanese) -- Tokyo studio hornist; Horn Instructor at College of Music - Japan University
Wolfgang Gaag -- Professor at Musikhochschule München; member German Brass; former solo horn Munich Philharmonic
Randy Gardner -- Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music; formerly Philadelphia Orchestra
Bruce Gifford #1  #2 --
Principal Horn, Utah Symphony Orchestra
Nancy Goodearl #1  #2 -- Third Horn, Houston Symphony Orchestra
James Graber #1  #2  #3
  -- member of The Golden Horn
Lowell Greer #1  #2  #3(en español) -- America’s premiere natural horn soloist; former principal: Antwerp, Cincinnati, Detroit, Mexico City Phil.
Martin Hackleman -- Prin. Horn, National Symphony; formerly Empire & Canadian Brass
Bruce Hembd #1  #2  -- a.k.a. "Horndog," web site designer; hornist Arizona Opera Orch
Bruce Henniss #1  #2  #3 -- Fourth Horn, Houston Symphony Orchestra
Sören Hermansson #1  #2(in Swedish)-- Professor of Horn, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor; international soloist.
Douglas Hill #1  #2
  --  Professor of Horn, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison; composer; author of Extended Techniques for the Horn
Edmund House -- Principal Horn, Okanagan Symphony
Stephen Kostyniak #1  #2 -- Associate Principal Horn, Utah Symphony Orchestra
David Krehbiel 
--   Principal San Francisco Symphony (retired), founding member Summit Brass
Eldon Matlick -- Principal horn Oklahoma City Philharmonic; Professor of horn, University of Oklahoma
Marvin McCoy #1  #2 -- Minneapolis hornist; Alphornist; founder of "McCoy's Horn Library"

Ethel Merker #1  #2  #3  -- a.k.a. as Auntie EM, designer of the "Merkermatic" horn; former Chicago Symphony and NBC Orchestra, Indiana University
Kozo Moriyama #1  #2(in Japanese) -- Professor at Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music; translator of The Art of French Horn Playing into Japanese
David Ohanian -- former member: Boston Symphony, Empire Brass, Canadian Brass; member Transatlantic Horn Quartet
Gerald Onciul -- Professor of Horn, University of Alberta; Asst. Principal Horn, Edmonton Symphony
Erich Penzel -- Professor at Musikhochschule Köln; former solo horn Gewandhausorchestra
Dan Phillips -- Professor of horn, University of Memphis
Bob Rasmussen 
-- former hornist with Atlantic Brass Quintet; Seattle free-lance player
Mark Schultz #1  #2  #3   -- composer of Dragons in the Sky, Ashfall, T.Rex, Voices from Spoon River, and many other pieces for horn
Julie Schleif #1  #2  -- Horn instructor, Interlochen Arts Academy
Norman Schweikert -- Second horn, Chicago Symphony, retired; curator/owner of Archive of U.S. Symphony and Opera Orchestra Players
Lowell "Spike" Shaw -- Hornist, composer ("Fripperies"), arranger; owner of "The Hornists' Nest"
Brent Shires #1  #2 -- Third horn, Arkansas Symphony; Instructor of horn, University of Central Arkansas
Skip Snead -- Horn Professor, University of Alabama; member Transatlantic Horn Quartet
Michael Thompson -- British soloist, recording artist; member Transatlantic Horn Quartet
Transatlantic Horn Quartet -- David Ohanian, Skip Snead, Michael Thompson, Richard Watkins
Richard Watkins -- British soloist, recording artist; member Transatlantic Horn Quartet
Gail Williams -- Professor at Northwestern University; former Associate Principal Horn, Chicago Symphony; founding member, Summit Brass
Larry Zalkind #1  #2  -- Principal Trombone, Utah Symphony Orchestra (yeah I know he's a trombone player, and this is Hornplanet, but he's a friend.... and he really wanted to be here.....)

The Complete Hornist Series Presents

"JAZZ CAFE, Vol. 1"
music for horn and piano
More info here


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